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Fertility Treatment and CranioSacral Therapy

---Fulfilling your dreams – Having a baby---

Perhaps one of the most thrilling moments in a couple’s life is the culmination of a healthy pregnancy, when they can hold their newborn baby for the first time. However, for many couples, this process does not come easily.  At the Jerusalem Center for Cranial Sacral Therapy, we are helping couples, for whom conception, pregnancy and childbirth has become a long and painful process, to realize their dream.

 There are many possible causes of fertility problems, and in each situation there are couples where Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) has enhanced and complemented the fertility process, making it quicker, more effective and reducing stress and pain.  This applies to couples who going through a medical fertility program, as well as those who have chosen to use other methods to help them.

 CranioSacral Therapy has been used very effectively in Europe and the USA to help couples to realise their need to start a family.  The Jerusalem Centre for CranioSacral Therapy has now brought this powerful, yet gentle treatment to Israel.  (The treatment is particularly appropriate for orthodox couples as the treatment is not invasive and is performed with the patient fully clothed.)

 ---How does CST work?---

Our treatment focuses on releasing physical stresses and tensions or lesions in the layer of tissue called fascia which surrounds all of your organs and your nervous system. These tensions can reduce the effectiveness of your nerves – which are the main channel for passing information around your body. Fascial restrictions can also affect the hormonal system which is of central importance to the timing and maintenance of a pregnancy. As fascia also surrounds internal organs, including the womb, tensions here can reduce their function or ability to heal or adapt to the changes that occur during pregnancy. Fascia can become stressed due to illnesses, injury surgery or inflammation in the body and this is a reaction of the body in order to protect itself from further injury.

 CST is calming and gentle; it enhances your body’s abilities to function properly, greatly reduces the tensions in the fascial layers of your body and rebalances your hormonal and nervous systems to allow them to function at their best. It improves blood flow to all parts of your body which leads to enhanced organ function, as more oxygen is able to reach them. This will also increase your energy, further reduce your stress levels and speed up your body’s ability to heal and repair itself.  

 As further fascial restrictions are treated, CranioSacral Therapy improves the mobility and freedom of your internal organs to move and adjust to the body’s needs during pregnancy. Put all of these improvements together, and your chances of conceiving and reaching full term increase tremendously.  Treatment can be in conjunction with, or instead of, your formal medical Fertility program.

 ---About treatment---

A minimum course of treatment is 6 to 8 sessions and depending on the exact problem and case history treatment may last for several more months. To Read the full treatment plan, click here. 

 For us, one of the most thrilling aspects of our work is to know that we have helped you on your path to a happy future. Besha’ah Tova!

More Information:

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) Treatment and Cranial Sacral Therapy

Women who are contemplating or in the process of IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) treatment can benefit from the non invasive techniques of craniosacral therapy. The treatment can help both before and during the IVF process.

Cranio Sacral Therapy Improving the chances of Pregnancy without the need for IVF

Hormonal imbalances

CranioSacral Therapy helps women become pregnant without the need for IVF treatment, by helping regulate and normalise a woman's hormonal levels where this is the main cause of fertility and pregnancy problems. There are many different hormones which are invlolved in the process of pregnancy and each one needs to be produced in the correct amount at the right time in a woman's cycle in order to enable for the fertilisation of the female egg with the male sperm. CranioSacral therapy is applied to several areas in the body which control and release hormaones in both the man and woman. The sphenoid bone in the head is the bone in which the pituatary gland sits. This gland is one of the main hormonal glands in the body. It is in charge of releasing many of the hormones which control the woman's menstral cycle. When the sphenoid bone is moving incorrectly it can cause the pituatary gland to release hormones at the wrong time or in the wrong amount. So treatment of this bone can be significant and sufficient to improve the chances of succesful pregnancy.

Other hormonal glands in the body include the ovaries which can be treated with techniques applied on the stomach and abdomen without the need for the removal of clothes.

The thyroid gland may also be producing abnormal levels of thyroid hormone which can inhibit successful pregnancy, although this is often controled by the release of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) from the pituatary there may also be problems with the thyroid which cranio sacral therapy can assist with.

Other problems which can cause fertility issues, due to their impact on the pituatary or hypothalumus glands, include increased stress in the woman's life. Recent rapid weight gain or weight loss, ecessive production of the milk prducing hormone prolactin and disturbances to the adrenal glands,
can also inhibit preganacy.  With all of these hormonal issues it is highly likely that craniosacral treatment will improve the hormonal activity of the body and improve the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Damage to the Fallopian Tubes

Tubal damage is a common cause of infertility. Damage to the fimbriae may reduce or stop their ability to pick up the egg and direct it into the Fallopian tube. Adhesions around the tube may distort the tube or reduce their mobility, thus affecting their ability to pick up the egg. Damage to the cells lining the tube may prevent sperm from reaching the egg or greatly reduce the chance of fertilization. Blockage of the tube can prevent the sperm from reaching the egg, or the fertilized egg from moving to the uterus and increases the incidence of ectopic pregnancy. Tubal blockage can be either proximal or distal. The former is where the blockage is located close to the uterus, while the latter is where it lies at the fimbriae. Most women will not be aware of the tubal damage until they have been investigated for infertility. However, some may have severe period pains, irregular or heavy periods, chronic or recurrent pelvic pain and tenderness.

In many of these cases cranial work will assist in improving the tissues of the tubes or the uterus/ womb. Often cranisacral work is successful at releasing adhesions between layers of tissue in many different parts of the body and the tubes are no different. Furthermore cranial work also helps to rebuild damaged tissue, either by increasing the flow of new blood to the area, reducing pressures and stresses which are placed on the reproductiv organs due to trauma or injury or by enhancing the new cells which grow in the place of the old ones. Also CST can help by allowing the tissues of the uterus/ womb to become more adept at receiving the implanted fertilised egg,  reduces the physical, mental and emotional stress of the situation and reduces pain, discomfort and bloating from the drugs associated with IVF.

All this is achieved using gentle techniques which are non invasive, will concentrate on the areas of the abdomen and back and there is no need to remove any clothing during treatment (other than shoes). There is no need for internal examinations or internal treatment procedures so this complementary treatment can be experienced with the peace of mind that you will have a relaxing and calming experience.

Male and Female Fertility problems

Both men and women can suffer from hormonal imbalances which can lead to fertility problems. For men with low sperm count these can be caused by hormonal imbalances or circulation problems within the pelvis. Your condition can be improved using light treatment to the pelvis, abdomen and the hormonal centres of the body, without the need for treating the actual areas of the sexual organs. Similarly for women, treatment is non invasive and centres around improving the freedom of the bones of the hips, the circulations to and from the womb or ovaries and other structures in the lower abdomen.

"RELIEF - that is the word that comes to mind when I think of my visit to Daniel Tarlow. Relief from back pain..... Relief that the treatment was so gentle"  H.S. Elazar

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Cranio Sacral treatment for a young baby 

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